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The Parenting Team
Parenting - It's A Team Effort ©

About Us

“Parenting — It’s A Team Effort” ©

about-parenting-team“The Parenting Team” was co-founded by Michele Martin and Melissa Harrison in 2015, two licensed mental health professionals with over 35 years of combined experience in both the educational and therapeutic setting.

In working with families in South Florida, Melissa and Michele realized that sometimes parents want professional advice and guidance and do not need psychotherapy. The Parenting Team was born as an easy and convenient way for parents to get professional parenting help online without having to wait weeks for a psychotherapist to get to know their child and family and provide recommendations. The Parenting Team does not provide counseling. It relies on the parents’ knowledge of their children and the professionals’ parenting expertise in creating a team effort and providing guidance.

The Parenting Team is here to help when parents have questions or concerns about their child’s development or want ideas to try in addressing parenting challenges. The Parenting Team offers personalized, individualized discussions to parents and practical ways to help their child.

Michele H Martin, LMHC

michelleMichele H Martin is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, with over 20 years experience in Florida, and operates her private practice of MH Martin Educational Therapy. She is a communication, family and divorce specialist and also operates The PATCH Program – Parent’s And Their Children’s Happiness – a court approved program for divorcing parents in Florida with minor children. In addition to her Masters in Counseling, Michele has an undergraduate degree in Special Education. She taught grades k – 12 in the private and public setting and continues to serve as a counselor in many school settings today. In addition, she previously served as the Disability Coordinator for all three campuses at what was then called Broward College.

Michele is very involved in her local community and participates in numerous networking groups, chamber of commerce’s and nonprofit organizations. She received the local 2012 Small Business Leader of the Year award.

In addition to her professional work and involvement within the community, her greatest accomplishment is as a proud single parent. Her own divorce helped her to shape The PATCH PROGRAM. Her joys and tribulations of watching her child grow, mature and find her own path, continues to add to her enthusiasm to assist others.

Melissa Harrison, Psy.D.

melissaDr. Melissa Harrison is a licensed, clinical psychologist who has over 17 years of experience helping families in South Florida. Her work in private practice has been in helping children, teenagers, and their parents with family challenges. She has provided psycho-educational evaluations to students in both private and public schools. Dr. Harrison also has experience as a school psychologist, working for the Broward County School District, the 6th largest school district nation-wide. While working for the school district, she served in a leadership role at the district office of Psychological Services. She also was elected to serve on the executive board of the Florida Association of School Psychologists (2003-2007). She mentored school psychology practicum students from Nova Southeastern University for about three years and was an adjunct faculty member at Nova Southeastern University. In addition to her professional experience, Dr. Harrison is the parent of both a teenager with Autism and a child without special needs. She understands parenting challenges from a professional, school, and personal perspective.

“This business of training little humans for life is a mind-boggling process.”
— Brittany Oler

The Parenting Team is a website that provides educational services only. Melissa Harrison, Michele H Martin and The Parenting Team affiliates do not diagnose, treat or provide therapy for any mental health conditions or issues through this website. The Parenting Team is NOT a substitute for mental health counseling or psychological testing or therapy. Participants are encouraged to seek professional mental health, psychiatric treatment and/or psychological counseling for specific mental health conditions or issues. Suggestions, recommendations and advice are based solely upon the information provided, and The Parenting Team is not responsible for the ultimate care provided a child by a parent or care taker who participates in this program. All billing information is private and confidential. The Parenting Team will keep other communications private to the extent possible, but the information gathered on this website is neither protected as confidential nor privileged in a court of law. Your access to this website is subject to our terms of use.

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