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Parenting Tips: Is Your Child Cell Phone Ready?

The dependence on technology and the necessity of having information at our fingers is steadily on the rise. The number of teenagers with cell phones…

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What’s Your Style?

Parenting Skills | Your Home Style In the middle of a wonderfully decadent “60% and more” after Christmas shopping spree, I called my daughter to…

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Keeping the HO HO HO and Not the OH NO NO NO in Your Holiday Festivities

Parenting Tips For Happy Festivities The holidays – the most wonderful, joyous, and often stressful time of the year. The cookies are baking, the latkes…

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The Name Game – Add One More!

Parenting Question | What’s In A Name I recently wrote a post about how a parents’ name and reference changes once they have children. We…

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What’s Your Name?

This post was written by Michele H Martin Ah, parenting!   The single most exciting, exhilarating, miraculous, mysterious, life-changing event you will ever encounter and the…

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Our Story

This post was written by Michele H Martin At the end of 2013, a mutual associate, with all her intended wisdom, decided to introduce Melissa…

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